Chocolate Makers

Welcome to Cotimbe Chocolate

We are a small Craft Chocolate Maker based in Bradford on Avon, England.

Each batch of our Bean to Bar chocolate is meticulously made, producing a chocolate totally distinct from mass produced products.

Our dark chocolate has only two ingredients – just Cacao Beans and Cane Sugar. The best quality Cacao Beans require nothing else.


Chocolate Bar Cotimbe

Bar 75

75% Ecuadorian Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Dark fruit and powerful chocolate aromas. Flavours of fruit cake, Morello and candied citrus.

Single Estate Cacao.

Los Rios Region, Ecuador.

Cotimbe Arriba Nacional Dark Chocolate

Bar 80

80% Arriba Nacional Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Plum and cherry aromas. Strong cocoa, treacle. black tea and woody notes

Arriba Nacional Cacao.
Small Cooperative. Ecuador.

Venezuelan 58% Dark Milk Cotimbe chocolate

Bar 58

58% Venezuelan Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

A high cocoa dark milk bar.
Creamy rich chocolate, with flavours of caramel wafer and fudge.

Sur Del Lago Cacao. Single Origin. Venezuela

Cotimbe Rwenzori 70% chocolate bar

Bar 70

70% Ugandan Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Stunning Cacao, with a strong, predominantly raspberry
fruit impact and spicy notes.

Rwenzori Organic Cacao.

 Cooperative Community Uganda.

Cotimbe Chocolate Tasting Guide.

Bar 75 is a powerful complex chocolate, perfect for after dinner and all dark chocolate lovers.

The 70 has a deep cocoa flavour profile, accompanied by a strong sweet red fruit finish.

Bar 80 is strong and robust, a true single origin heirloom cacao.

Bar 58, our Dark Milk bar, has creamy caramel and fudge flavours.

We hope you find a favourite!

cocoa bean cotimbe chocolate bean

The Cacao we use is Direct Trade.

Direct Trade farmers often receive more than double the price for their cocoa beans, compared to Fairtrade. Direct Trade agreements ensure farms are checked regularly for any unethical or non-environmental practices.

Better for the Environment, You, and the Farmer


Made in a nut and egg free environment. No artificial additives, preservatives, colourings or soya.

All ingredients are, or exceed, Fairtrade standards.

No vanilla or other flavour enhancers are used. Our Chocolate is not Alkalised, and is handmade by us from Cocoa Beans, all the way to Bar!

Minimal Processing – Maximum Flavour and Goodness.

Ethical – Traceable – Irresistible


Cocoa Beans from Ecuador

Cacao Beans from Ecuador

Refining chocolate

Refined ready for Tempering

Chocolate Bars

Finished Chocolate Bars


The Coffee Girl ~ Railway Station ~ Bradford on Avon
Seasons Natural Health Store ~ George St ~ Bath
  Es & Me Books ~ The Shambles ~ Bradford on Avon
Dusty Ape Coffee ~ Marsh Farm ~ Hilperton
Cortado Cafe ~ Bridge St ~ Bath